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Building Trust with New Customers — One Quote at a Time


Author: Semsee HQ

New business is built on trust. That’s a credo that Sean Doherty of the The DeFinis Insurance Agency lives by as he works to build a book of small commercial business at the Brookhaven, PA-based agency he joined three years ago after selling his Nationwide agency.

Trust is critical to building a strong, healthy relationship. That’s where Semsee has helped lay the foundation to deliver value and insights right away.

“I’m not always sure which carrier is going to come out best even if it’s a risk I’ve written several times before,” Sean explains. “They all have different algorithms as to how factors are weighted and they all weigh each variable differently. Semsee has given us the tool to enter everything one time to as many carriers as we want for as many lines of coverage as we want. And you’re creating an ACORD application that can be reused if you don't win the business.”

As Sean builds out his commercial practice, he sees another big opportunity to use Semsee for renewals. Quoting renewals is a massive undertaking. And when you’re building a business, customer retention is critical.

For the agency, Semsee provides a long-term value proposition. “When I first learned about Semsee, I immediately understood its potential. I knew that the time saved and the ability to have the data for years beyond, would be valuable,” he says. “If I can't win a piece of business that I entered today, next year when I go back, I've got all the information it’s going to take me a fraction of the time to go back to that prospect.”