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Business is Booming and the Quoting is Easy


Author: Semsee HQ

When you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. That’s certainly true for Kimberly Perrine of Perrine Insurance who has built her agency’s small commercial business from scratch into a thriving practice at the agency that she runs with her husband in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Semsee has made a major difference. “Prior to implementing Semsee, it would take days to quote multiple companies for our clients. I had to manually log into every single company and try to figure out which class codes to put in. It could take hours just to input the data,” Kimberly explains.

“Semsee has been a game changer for quoting new business and renewals and has made us significantly more productive,” Kimberly says. “We’re now able to respond quickly to businesses of all sizes. For example, we just wrote a policy for a new company that makes wood signs on Etsy. In the past, it would be very hard to justify spending hours on really small policies.”