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It's All in the Family


Author: Semsee HQ

Carlo Ferrara and his brother were pretty good at basketball in college and thought they’d be playing in the NBA. But when they realized that sports wasn’t in their futures, they joined their father’s insurance agency and have never looked back. It’s the family business after all. Today, there are five children in the family business, StreetSmart Insurance of Freehold, NJ, which began in 2005 as a wholesaler and has now shifted to more of a retail agency. The transformation has been driven, in part, by the children’s focus on personal and commercial lines and in particular, small contractor and trucking and transportation.

In an agency in which high volume is the norm, Semsee has become a critical element. “We’d been searching for years for a commercial lines rater—something easy. Semsee’s hit all the marks,” Carlo says. “It provides one place for all my submissions. When I get the quotes back in Semsee, I see each carrier's response so I know immediately what’s going on,” he explains.

Before Semsee, it was very painful. “For example, if I had a contractor client, I kind of know where to go. But if it falls out of those bounds for any reason, maybe one company doesn’t like it for some reason, it’s a problem. Then I’d have to go to all these different carriers, re-enter the data and re-do everything. We actually hired a quoter in house to do all that work, and it took some time to train them,” Carlo says.

‘With Semsee, I have one spot I go for all my markets and I submit it. It’s also important on renewal. If one carrier went up, I immediately go out and quote everyone else and customers love it. I’ve saved so many accounts on my own because we were able to re-market it on the fly. The speed is amazing,” he says.

With Semsee behind them, the sky’s the limit for StreetSmart. That’s particularly important to the family as they look to take the next steps in growing and scaling their business.