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Ready for the Comeback


Author: Semsee HQ

Long before COVID-19 hit the US with full force in March 2020, David J. Louie, Inc., a general agency based in New York City, was feeling the effects. The agency’s core customers are producers that serve Asian and Asian- American owned businesses and many of these businesses were hit hard even before the pandemic in the US. Technology is a big part of the service equation. The agency was one of industry’s earliest agency management system users and one of the first to go paperless—and that trend continues today as David looks for ways to make things easier for his customers. Coming from a technology background, he’s excited about technology’s power to provide more tools for the retail brokers. That’s where Semsee’s quoting platform comes in.

“As Semsee grew, it was one of the few vendors that continued to follow up with us. As they added new markets, they’d reach out. We were intrigued and have found it to be really useful,” he explains. “The most important thing is that they weren’t just trying to sell a tool, they were interested in building a long-term relationship with us. They really understood the user’s perspective that implementing a new solution is a big-time commitment. I really appreciate that.”