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Technology that Makes Your Customers Smile


Author: Semsee HQ

At United Western Insurance Brokers (UWIB), using technology to enhance the customer experience has always been an important focus.

Semsee has changed everything, particularly when it comes to renewals, explains Jose Herrera, commercial account manager. “Prior to Semsee, we’d have to go to anywhere between five and 10 different carrier websites or portals, input the same information, and wait for a quote from each one. Now with Semsee, we enter the necessary information one time, hit send, and start getting the results—quickly,” Herrera says.

Not only does Semsee make the account managers’ lives easier, customers love the experience too. That was how Ellen Lichtenstein felt when she found herself needing business insurance for the first time. After founding Just Add Communications LLC in June 2020, Ellen began working with Dana Coates and UWIB as a marketing consultant.

She soon realized her own need for small business insurance and turned to Dana for assistance. “When I asked Dana for help finding a business liability policy, he used Semsee to identify the best options, and, from my perspective, the quoting process was so easy. He had a really good understanding of my business and, when he got the quotes, he was able to take the time to walk me through the options to cover my risks. I got to experience first-hand how UWIB’s focus on using technology really transforms the customer experience.”