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Rating small commercial is inefficient and onerous

Consumers are putting pressure on insurers to make transmissions simpler and faster for independent agents. This process is often limited due to legacy systems and the challenge of executing a full system revamp.

Lack of Tools

Small accounts require underwriter time even when the premium is minimal as they lack the tools needed to streamline small commercial quoting.

Missing Information

Acord forms often arrive incomplete, and require additional validation on business class, address, building information etc, before processing manually in the rating system.

Missed Opportunities

Carriers miss out on submissions from appointed agents who are either disengaged or do not know they have appetite.

Lack of Exposure

Agencies who focus on mid-large size commercial accounts may not be familiar with their appetite for small commercial.

Missed Quotes

Submissions can be routed away from certain carriers due to mistaken notions of appetite.


A single portal streamlining quoting, submission, and binding processes

Semsee automatically routes submissions into carrier systems by leveraging API or RPA technology. Carriers gain a valuable presence with agents who are actively seeking the best market for their risk.

Carriers MGAs Carriers MGAs
Increase exposure

Work with our integration team to add your market to the Semsee platform and gain instant exposure to hundreds of agencies.


Target messages and promotions to your agency base to achieve a more balanced risk portfolio across class codes and geographies.

Carriers MGAs Carriers MGAs
Get actionable insights

Receive valuable submission data to expand class or regional appetite and capture new business.

Extend your investment
Extend your investment
Extend your investment

Semsee is well positioned to distribute carrier API technology that agencies may not have the resources to consume or integrate otherwise.

Optimize workflows
Optimize workflows
Optimize workflows

Application data bridges directly into the tools underwriters use to complete rating, eliminating the hours needed to process ACORD forms supplied by agents.


As national carriers invest to automate their agent point of sale, regional carriers can leverage Semsee to maintain their competitive advantage of regional focus.

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