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Why we’re here

Digital disruption is changing the insurance landscape. In order to compete, carriers and MGAs are adopting new technologies that help deliver what customers want and have come to expect — right away, not later.

While other InsurTechs cut out the agent with direct-to-consumer solutions, we’ve dedicated our energy towards creating an insurance experience that elevates the value of independent agents to small business owners.

Our technology Our technology

Our technology

We’ve built intelligent software that simplifies small commercial quoting — which has been a manual, time-consuming, and onerous process for too long.

Our cloud-based platform is built with Elixir using the same foundation that powers telecom systems optimized for real-time updates. Your accounts stay protected thanks to the proper use of memory-hard hashing and 2FA. Your private data stays private because we rely on industry-proven AEAD encryption. And with us: your data is always your data, which we can export or delete completely for you whenever you like.

Rely on Semsee for a secure, efficient insurance experience based on our patent-pending technology and rigorous application of security best practices.

How it works How it works

How it works

Our database consisting of thousands of carrier questions dynamically generates a single-easy-to-complete digital form.

Once complete, the form is submitted to multiple carriers returning bind-able quotes with comprehensive coverage comparisons to assist agents in selling policies.

Our technology empowers agencies to spend less time quoting and more time building their book of business, servicing clients, and generating revenue.

Start(ed) up Start(ed) up

Start(ed) up

People believe in our vision. We’re backed by the D. E. Shaw group — a global investment and technology development firm, and Nephila Holdings, Ltd. — the first and largest alternative risk transfer fund in the insurance industry. They fuel our growth so we can continue to focus on building an intelligent quoting platform that modernizes commercial insurance processes.


Semsee’s team has deep expertise across insurance, product development, technology, data management and business operations.

Our leadership team has a combined 40+ years of experience with building B2B2C businesses that enhance the agent experience, from travel to real estate and insurance.

From our headquarters in Manhattan to our remote employees in California and Hawaii, Semsee’s team has complementary expertise across insurance, product development, technology, data management, and business operations.

Philip Charles-Pierre

Philip Charles-Pierre


“We bring together innovative thinkers and problem solvers who are focused on making the commercial lines selling experience better for agents.”