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Get more results from less work when you quote commercial with Semsee


Semsee simplifies and automates workflows — so you can quote new and renew commercial risks faster and more efficiently.

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Small business owners expect more.

Semsee gives you side by side coverage comparisons in minutes.


Every feature we build into our platform is designed to make your life easier so you can better serve your commercial clients.

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A single portal streamlining quoting, submission, and binding processes

Semsee automates cumbersome tasks enabling agents to spend more time consulting clients, generating revenue and a their book of business.

Single Submission

One application on Semsee returns quotes from all your carriers, giving agents more time to serve clients and build relationships.

Smart Forms

Complete one easy-to-use form with questions deduplicated across carriers for the class code and coverages selected. Receive bind-able quote results in minutes including a link to issue the policy with the carrier directly.

Class Code Selection

Semsee suggests the correct class code for each carrier and informs on which risks are in and out of appetite, including knock out questions.


Semsee uses third-party data to intuitively populate the information an agent needs to submit an application. Agents can store their coverage presets on Semsee so they are auto-filled on every application.

Coverage Comparison

Semsee uses third-party data to intuitively populate the information an agent needs to submit an application. Agents can store their coverage presets on Semsee so they are auto-filled on every application.

PDF Export

Guide clients on making the best decision by highlighting distinctive coverage details and exporting into a customer-facing PDF with your agency's branding.


Collaborate amongst team members to ensure that producers, marketers and CSRs are always aligned. Easily view quotes, declination and referral reasons, manage required actions, receive carrier updates, flag questions, write notes, and analyze performance statistics.

Carrier Portal

A record of the quote is always created in the carrier portal, even when a quote is referred or declined. Semsee blocks the market and eliminates any need for rekeying information.

Agents Integrate

Semsee can work with you to connect your AMS and CRM to streamline workflows and end-to-end client experience.


Check Appetite with Semsee before your next submission on small commercial BOP


All you need is the State where the primary business is located, and the type of business your client operates. Complete just TWO fields to get all of the results! Semsee quoters can then go straight into completing the application when there is appetite. Simple as that!

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Semsee's Form Features


At Semsee it is our mission to empower independent insurance agents because we firmly believe in the value you bring to small business owners who are looking to get the best possible insurance coverage. We are always working to help you save time as you service your accounts. Here are some of the key capabilities you will see on our app.

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Class Code Finder

Leveraging artificial intelligence, our Class Code Finder predicts your client’s NAICS code to save you from having to research and find that yourself.

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All of the information needed to submit an application is at your fingertips with Semsee’s third party data that will intuitively populate the submission.

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Question Flagging

Semsee allows you to flag questions from any part of our dynamic form, and then view and answer them all in one place.

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Export all information from Semsee into a selection of ACORD forms to send to carriers that don’t have online portals or keep for your records.


Agent Dashboard

Easily view quotes, application status, carrier updates, performance statistics and more.

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Remarketing renewals is quick and easy in Semsee. Simply upload last year's ACORD or enter the data into our question set, and get multiple quotes back instantly.

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Client Records

Bridge to your carrier site for the client record. Semsee creates a client record in each carrier portal, blocking the market and removing any need for rekeying data.

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Compare Quotes

Completed forms are simultaneously submitted to multiple carriers, with easy-to-compare bind-able quote results.



Download the Top 20 Class Codes Quoted on Semsee for BOP


Knowing the correct class code for your client is absolutely critical to the commercial insurance quoting process.

From an underwriting perspective, the class code and corresponding business descriptor are what determines the question set you will need to complete in order to accurately assess the risk of the insured. 

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Have you seen the Joint Survey from Semsee and TrustedChoice.com?


This Survey Identifies Top Areas of Improvement for Agents to Find and Win New Business. When it comes to winning and placing insurance business, 56% of agents say they are challenged to find a market that matches the need, and 52% explain that getting quotes from carriers, MGAs and wholesalers is a barrier to getting new business. 

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Need Access to More Markets?


Same App. More Access.

Semsee enables independent insurance agents to gain access to more insurance markets while managing your small business clients on one platform. 

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Agents Love Quoting

Commercial with Semsee


“I always start with Semsee first when quoting. It’s a fast, accurate and reliable platform. What I appreciate the most is the ease of use and seamless integration. I recommend Semsee to people who do not want to spend all day trying to quote business or who are in a hurry to save a customer.”

Royall Ferguson, Owner at Ferguson Insurance Center


“I quote with Semsee for all of my small business accounts. It saves me time, effort, and makes quoting easy. What I appreciate the most is having access to multiple markets at once. I recommend Semsee for all anyone in a service role at an agency.”

Evelyn H., Account Manager at Lipscomb Insurance Agency
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All Carriers Currently Available on Semsee


It is our mission to offer our agents as many options as possible so that you can always be sure your client is getting the best coverage.

Check back monthly for updates on new carriers and new lines being added!

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The art of quoting commercial insurance


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