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Semsee and Ask Kodiak Partner

Semsee and Ask Kodiak Partner

Semsee, the leading automated small commercial quoting solution has launched a partnership with Ask Kodiak, an API platform providing real-time appetite and eligibility for commercial lines insurance companies, agents and brokers, to provide a more effective and streamlined experience for agents quoting and submitting new commercial business.

Semsee has integrated Ask Kodiak's appetite and eligibility checking capabilities or technology into its platform, giving agents real-time visibility into carrier appetites at the class-level. Armed with this information, agents can submit new insurance applications to the right combination of carriers using a single smart form, which returns coverage and pricing information within minutes on the Semsee platform.

"We're focused on providing best-in-class tools to create the best experience for agents from lead to quote. Our partnership with Ask Kodiak exemplifies this mission, giving agents who are looking to grow their small commercial business a fast and efficient way to target new markets and niches. Not only can they quickly and easily determine which carriers offer the best options, but they can get real-time price and coverage details to meet their clients' expectations," says Philip Charles-Pierre, Semsee's CEO.

"Carrier appetite and eligibility changes all the time. We're providing a real time connection to that information as expressed by carriers themselves. The combination of our solution with Semsee's quoting platform gives agents a powerful, fast and effective way to write new business and carriers on Ask Kodiak yet another channel in which they can leverage their appetite models to drive inbound opportunity with extraordinarily high targeting precision," said Michael Albert, co-founder of Ask Kodiak

About Ask Kodiak

Ask Kodiak helps insurance carriers organize commercial insurance. The API-based technology platform that helps agents make product selections based on appetite and eligibility provided by insurance carriers wherever it's needed. Ask Kodiak's cloud-based software platform allows insurers to market commercial and specialty products to independent agents and brokers with a new level of effectiveness. Ask Kodiak's open API can be used in any agency management system or integrated with other Insurtech solutions to put real-time product recommendations, target classes, underwriting eligibility, and marketing information in the hands of agents and brokers faster than ever before. For more details, visit www.askkodiak.com.

Originally posted on PR Newswire